Monday Coffee Date // I Love Slovenia

Monday Coffee Date

Jul 2, 2018

Lake Bled Slovenia

Monday Coffee Date – Bree Hester Lake Bled Slovenia Photographer – We had the most glorious vacation to Lake Bohinj, Tolmin, and Lake Bled Slovenia. 

Hello! Happy Monday!

We went on the most amazing family vacation to Lake Bohinj, Lake Bled, and Tolmin, Slovenia. A lot of the trips we take are fast and we have a lot to see so they aren’t exactly relaxing. This one was intentionally designed to have no agenda and with a lot of time to just hang out and play. It was divine.

Lake Bled Slovenia

You might be wondering where Slovenia is. It is the former Yugoslavia and borders Italy and Croatia. It is such a gorgeous place with the most amazing people. I cannot recommend it enough.

Lake Bled has been having a moment, and it is a great place to visit, but we stayed in Lake Bohinj which is about 30 minutes away. The kids absolutely loved playing in the lake, kayaking, and I think that we spent HOURS skipping rocks. We’ve taken the kids on tours, visited famous monuments, and have been able to see things that people can only dream of – and the happiest they’ve ever been was skipping rocks into the lake.

Lake Bled Slovenia Lake Bled Slovenia

But I absolutely get it. I’m not going to really remember visiting the Mona Lisa as one the highlights of my life, but I am going to count one as the evening where Will and I made up a game that involved throwing rocks onto targets and giving it arbitrary point values.

We had some great conversations and laughed so hard playing that game. I took a snapshot of that moment for my memories and will call back to it when I want to remember what my 14-year-old son was like. (He was a delight.)

Lake Bled Slovenia

I’ve always fancied myself a beach person. I grew up on one, and never really had to take summer vacations because I lived in a place where everyone came for theirs. I’m starting to understand the allure of the mountains. The air is so fresh and crisp. The views are breathtaking. And the swimming in a lake has its perks.

Lake Bled Slovenia Lake Bled Slovenia

PACKING FOR // I’m heading to New Jersey this week and I am so excited to see my family! These save my life whenever I go anywhere.

READING // The Dry and Force of Nature by Jane Harper. I read a lot while we were gone and as soon as I finished one I immediately started the other.

SMELLING // I bought this lotion for the kids, but I stole it because I love how it smells. I feel like I’ve spent a day at the beach whenever I wear it.

CRAVING // Jersey corn. I can’t wait to hit the farm stand and buy sweet corn to make this salad.

DELIGHTED BY // Ava and I cannot get enough of this series. Claire’s dedication to recreating foods is incredible. The Lucky Charms episode is a good one to start with.

Lake Bled, Slovenia. June 2018

Lake Bled Slovenia


MONDAY COFFEE DATE –Bree Hester Lake Bled Slovenia Photographer

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