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back to school 2018

Monday Coffee Date – Back to School

Monday Coffee Date

Aug 27, 2018

back to school 2018

Monday Coffee Date – Back to School 2018. Sending my babes off to 9th grade, 7th, grade, and 5th grade. It’s crazy how time flies!

This morning I sent my babies back to school. Last year we were up to our eyeballs in moving boxes and paper. We had moved into our house the day before school started. It was crazy and stressful and it felt that way the whole year. I never really got my wits about me. (We also move at the end of this school year, so I’m going to enjoy the calm while I still have it.) This year started off a lot calmer thankfully. William is starting his freshman year, Ava is in 7th grade, and Clay is in 5th.

When people tell you that time goes quickly, you really cannot grasp how true that is. It feels like I was just changing their diapers or sending them off to preschool. This morning I sent my first baby to high school. I am trying to be cool about it, but I really am not. I’m not cool at all.

Every year, the night before the first day, we have a back to school dinner. We have a fancy meal and I make a cake and we blow out candles and set an intention for the school year. It is one of my favorite nights of the year. I tried to do something different this year, but the kids weren’t having it, so I think that they love it too.

While I was icing the cake (getting sprinkles all over the kitchen) I realized that we don’t have many of these dinners together left. I really can’t see Will letting me bring a cake to his dorm room. I mean, he might, he really likes cake. I’m not going to hold my breath. It made me a little sad yesterday. I love having my kids around and they are my favorite people to spend my time with. I’m really going to miss them when they leave our house.

I’m getting ahead of myself, but it made me a little weepy.

Anyway, I am looking forward to another school year. We have lots of fun stuff planned and more memories to be made.

back to school 2018back to school 2018back to school 2018back to school 2018back to school 2018READING // I reached my reading goal for the year already. 45 books down. The one that sent me over the edge was Goodbye, Paris by Antsey Harris. I really enjoyed this book and it surprised me page after page.

SMELLING // It’s almost time to break out my favorite fall candle. On September 1st, I think that it is acceptable to embrace fall.

WEARING // I had to get Clay house shoes because they were on his school supply list. And now I want a pair too.

EATING // I made this over the weekend and I’ll be making it again and again. The first night I just served it with crusty bread. With the leftovers, I tossed it into pasta and it was delicious.

LOVING // I bought this lip balm and it is the perfect color and feels amazing on the lips.

back to school 2018



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