Monday Coffee Date

Monday Coffee Date

Apr 10, 2018

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

Monday Coffee Date – Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography. A quick trip to Wissembourg, cherry blossoms, and having friends for dinner. 

Spring Break was this week and we filled it with a million appointments and not fun stuff that just needed to be done. Not the most fun way to spend our time off, but necessary. The upside, everyone was out of town, so there was very little waiting and we had the place to ourselves. It was a ghost town.

We did take a quick afternoon trip to Wissembourg. It was such a quaint little French town right across the border. The novelty of going to France for lunch will never, ever get old for me. We walked around, had a delicious lunch, got some ice cream, and I got to do one of my favorite activities ever – shop at the French grocery store. I love buying groceries in France.

We had friends for dinner on Sunday and it was so much fun. I used to have people over all the time, and I have gotten out of the habit. I love cooking for people. I need to make an effort to do this more often. I like having a table full of people in my dining room.

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

How pretty is my girl? All of a sudden, she is less of a little girl and her dad and I are not sure how we feel about it.

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

WATCHING // The Greatest Showman on repeat. This movie is eye candy and I can’t get enough of it. Every time I watch it, it inspires me.

LEARNING // I am taking this class right now and can’t wait to put some of it into practice.

MAKING // Whenever I want to make a dessert this is all my family wants. I can’t blame them, they are delicious. And a great make-ahead dessert. I put them in the oven as soon as I serve dinner and let them cool for about 5-10 minutes before I put ice cream on them.

EXCITED FOR // Our trip to Brussels. Will has a lacrosse tournament and we are making a long weekend out of it. I’ve never been and can’t wait for some fries and waffles.

DRINKING // I’ve been drinking a smoothie every morning for breakfast. I need to get back into this routine.

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography



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