Monday Coffee Date

Monday Coffee Date

Apr 2, 2018

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

Monday Coffee Date – Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography. Easter weekend, lots of movies, quirky celebrations, and trying out a new coffee. 

Happy Easter Monday! It’s an actual holiday here in Germany, everything was closed today. It was gorgeous, so everyone was outside. (Just like last weekend.) The base was open, and we had ID card appointments. We hit a milestone, Clay is finally old enough for a military ID! He was so excited, it is a rite of passage for a military kid.

We had a great weekend. Wes and I went out on not one, but TWO dates. I don’t know if I am proud or embarrassed to admit this, but we saw three movies this weekend. In the movie theater. Keep reading to find out what we saw.

We also had our yearly tradition of dyeing Easter eggs the Saturday before Easter. I love doing this with the kids. I think that they will be in college and still want to do this. They love it. I bought all of the egg kits that I could find and we all agreed the best one was the Paas Tie Dye Kit. It made the prettiest eggs. The rice dyed eggs were also fun.

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

You can buy colored hard boiled eggs all year long in Germany. Sometimes, they give them to you at the check out in the grocery store. I found these rainbow eggs and bought them just because they were too beautiful to leave in the store.

Holidays are a little strange for us here. In the States, we usually spend them with our families, or we have an orphan holiday and invite anyone that is around to celebrate with us. (I happen to really love having orphan holidays. Some of my favorite holiday recipes have come from people that brought a family recipe of their own to share.) In Germany, most people travel over the holidays so there aren’t many people to celebrate with if you are home, or we are traveling. (We celebrated Thanksgiving this year in a pub in England.)

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

For Ostern (the German word for Easter) we had a low key breakfast, saw a movie, and went out for Indian for dinner. It was so fun and the food was delicious. Untraditional? Yes. But I love our quirky holidays just as much as when we celebrate them the normal way.

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

How was your Easter weekend? I hope that it was delightful.

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

WATCHING // We saw three movies this weekend. Game Night. Hilarious. Not for kids, but really funny. A Wrinkle in Time. We knew going into it that it had a lot to live up to. It is one of Ava’s favorite books. The reviews weren’t good. I enjoyed it, it is a gorgeous movie. Ava, well, notsomuch. Ready Player One. Ready Player One was in my Top 10 favorite books last year. If I didn’t love the book so much, I would have loved the movie. It shares the same spirit, but the story is very different than the book. No one else in my family read the book and they loved it. The Rotten Tomatoes score is much higher than I thought it would be.

LAUGHING ABOUT // Overheard in New York City. I cracked up at some of these.

READING // I finished The Broken Girls by Simone St. James and could not put it down. A well-written thriller that kept me entertained until the last sentence.

GIFTING // My husband is a wonderful man that goes out of his way to make my life easier. He is not an excellent gift giver. One year he gave me spatuals and couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t into it. He likes a practical gift. I do not. Imagine my surprise that he gifted me a 6-month subscription to The Bookshelf. I can’t wait for the suprises in my mail box for the next 6 months. Good job Hester!

DRINKING // I’m trying to up my coffee game. On a whim, I ordered this coffee from China of all places. (I didn’t even know they grew coffee beans in China.) I’ll let you know how it goes.

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

A not terrible attempt at an Easter selfie! I propped a camera on a shelf and hoped for the best. Not bad if I do say so myself. (The edit is a little much, I did it on my phone.)

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography




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