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Feb 19, 2018

Monday Coffee Date – Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography. Missing friends, Snowboarding in the Alps, and Butterbeer!

Good morning! I’m sipping a hot cup of coffee this morning and it is making me miss my best friend in Ohio. She makes the best coffee in the world. When we are at her house, we sit around the table with the chaos of all of our children (8 in total!) around us. We let them run wild, and we sit and talk and laugh for most of the morning. It is crazy, yet perfect all at the same time. I love living in Europe, but I am missing my friends and family back home in the States.

We had a long weekend since it is President’s Day. Will went on a snowboarding trip to Austria. These trips with his ski club are incredible. He has so much fun and the trips are so inexpensive. We would never be able to do trips like these for what it costs to send him. And how cool is it that my 14-year-old gets to snowboard in the Austrian Alps and the Italian Dolomites? CRAZY! This is his third time this winter and his skills have grown so much. He has asked to learn to ski, so we are going to get him lessons so that he is ready to go for next season.

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

Wes had to go on a work trip yesterday, so it just left me and the little kids. We decided to have a Harry Potter marathon. Ava and I are going to the Harry Potter Experience in London and are re-reading and re-watching all of the movies. I made Butterbeer and it was surprisingly delicious. I thought cream on a soda was questionable and it was like a root beer float but better somehow. This is the recipe I used.

Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

DRINKING // This is the coffee that my BFF makes. It is from her home state of Michigan and it is really good. I know that coffee purists would never be down with a flavored coffee, but I’m here for it.

WATCHING // This conversation between Oprah, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy Kaling. It’s inspiring. “Ambition is not a dirty word.” #truth

BUYING // This candle smells amazing and burns forever. I splurged and ordered one this weekend and can’t wait until it gets here.

CLEANING OUT // My hall closet. Hats, gloves, scarves, everywhere! I need some sort of organization system because I am scared to open my hall closet in fear something is going to jump out at me. (If I am being honest, 90% of the hats are mine, I have a hat problem.)

WORKING ON // I ordered a big batch of square prints to add to my photo wall.

BAKING //  I made these Caramel Stuffed Snickers Cookies. They are delicious, but they didn’t look very appealing. I need to work on this recipe because they were delicious!

bree hester stuttgart family photographer

Have an amazing week!

Monday Coffee Date – Bree Hester Stuttgart Family Photography

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