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Feb 6, 2019

Bree Hester Boston Commercial and Product Photographer

We got orders and are heading back to Massachusetts! We are so excited. My husband is going to be a fellow at The Fletcher School at Tufts University. We are thrilled to be moving to Boston and close to our beloved Cape Cod. We are ready to put our feet in the sand on our favorite Falmouth beach, see a Red Sox game, roots for the Pats (and not get made fun of), go on the Duck Boats, eat at Flour, and so many other things that we love to do in Boston.

Our time in Germany has been amazing, but we are homesick and ready to be close to our family and friends. We’ve missed a lot during the last two years and looking forward to reconnecting with the people we love. We’ve had new family members that we need to love on, weddings to be a part of, and lots of quality time to catch up on. We are less than 4 months out and it’s going to fly by.

What does this mean for Oh Well Shoot? It means that I am happy to reconnect with my previous Cape Cod clients and to meet new ones in the Boston area. I’ll still shoot families and make films, but I’d also love to work with bloggers and small businesses to create brand imagery for their businesses.

Bree Hester Boston Commercial and Product Photographer

I made this fun little stop motion to announce to our family and friends where our orders were. It was so fun to make and as you can see that my kids really loved throwing confetti at me.

So, we are super excited to moving back to New England. I can’t wait to get my business back up and running. And I can’t wait to be part of the vibrant business community in Boston.

June can’t get here soon enough.

Bree Hester Boston Commercial and Product Photographer

Bree Hester // Boston Family Photographer

Bree Hester Boston Commercial and Product Photographer


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