Whenever it came time to take our family portraits, I always found a way to put it off. Organizing all five of us to somehow look “put together” seemed too stressful and impossible. But, I was reminded of the saying, “The days are long and the years are short.” I knew I needed to meet my family where we’re at - the bruises, the scrapes, and even the unique outfit choices - and make the process fun for all of us.

Now, whether I’m photographing a family photo session, filming a special moment in time, or educating aspiring photographers - I approach it with a lively heart and enthusiasm to make the process stress-free and memorable. Together, we play games, share jokes, and relax in order to create something real.

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photography. films. education.

if you want beautiful family photos and films, or want to know what all of the buttons on your camera can do, you're in the right place. 

family photography

Let me capture what you love about your family. The messy, the silly, the lovey-dovey - the real stuff that makes your family uniquely you. 

If you are like me, you don’t want to forget the skinned knees, the adorable jack o'lantern smile or the teeny tiny baby feet. Now that my little ones are teens, I realize just how important having family photos taken is. I don’t want perfect pictures, I want the real us. Our connection, our love, and our natural interaction. Let me tell your story.   

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family films

 nothing pulls at my mom-strings more than watching our family films. they are little capsules of time caught forever.

That is exactly what a family film is. Imagine if you could hear your toddler’s belly laugh or be a fly on the wall on a Saturday morning while your husband is flipping pancakes for the kids? What if you could see the way your children actually see you? Let me capture that for you. The end result is a film that you can snuggle up on the couch and watch again and again.

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photography education

 Want to learn how to harness the skills needed to take breathtaking light and airy portraits of your family?

Looking for those just-as-your-eye-sees them images from your travels? Your camera doesn’t have to be a mystery. You can master it with Oh Well, Shoot’s online photography courses. These courses are always upbeat, interactive, and free from the technical mumbo-jumbo!

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intimate weddings & Elopements

your wedding day should be about the two of you and the celebration of your marriage.

Your wedding is something that you will look back on for years to come. Your grandchildren will flip through your wedding album and you will relive the day through their eyes. A day filled with love, sentiment, and joy. 

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For investment details and availability, please send a message using the contact form below. Portrait sessions for families begin at $495 with a full online gallery. Prints are available for purchase a la carte. Family films are available as an add-on to your portrait session.  

Wedding packages begin at $2000. Please inquire to schedule a consultation.


kind words

Bree is one of those women you meet and instantly feel like part of her family – like you’ve known each other for years … when it’s only been minutes!

She has that way about her that makes you feel comfortable in any situation. We knew she would become a forever friend and part of our family. Sounds like we are writing a love story … but what we are trying to say is we are thankful for her and her incredible talents as a photographer. Bree was able to capture our family’s personalities perfectly in a very relaxed setting! I can’t wait for her our paths to cross again because Bree is my go to photo gal!

- meghan rice

kind words

Bree is INCREDIBLE! We have family photos taken every year and have used several photographers in the states and Germany, but Bree's photos far surpassed all others.

She somehow managed to capture my 3 girls personalities perfectly and the lighting in each photo is simply gorgeous! She was easy to work with and made us all feel comfortable. Looking forward to more sessions and beautifully captured moments in the future!!

- cori roth

kind words


We were delighted with our in-home session with Bree. She’d never seen our apartment before – or met our family – but it was as though she’d visited many times. Bree knew just how to use each space and which moment to photograph. She worked so wonderfully with our baby AND toddler, keeping everyone happy and relaxed while capturing the details that reflect our family so well. She also switched easily between photography and filming… we never really noticed the difference. I’m just so disappointed Bree couldn’t stay in Stuttgart longer!

- vanessa cisz