5 Reasons Why Fall is My Favorite Season in Cape Cod

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Sep 14, 2015


Bree Hester | Family Photographer | Cape Cod, MassachusettsToday is beginning to feel like fall here in Cape Cod. The air is just a wee bit crisp and it is starting to get that distinct fall smell. You know what I’m talking about right? Without question, fall is my favorite season here on the Cape. Town slows down significantly and the super busy tourist season comes to end. We still get a lot of visitors to come see our leaves, but it isn’t like the summer.

Here are my top 5 reasons why fall is my favorite season on the Cape:

1. Sweaters and scarves – I love an old lady sweater more than I should. My husband makes fun of me for my robust collection of granny sweaters. He can laugh all he wants, nothing is more comfy or cozy in my opinion. And a good scarf is the perfect accessory. It adds a lot of interest to your outfit, hides some flaws, and keeps you warm. It will start to get cold soon and you need to bundle up.

2. Apples – Apple pie. Apple cider. Apple sauce. Apple picking. Apple candles. Apple everything. I know that pumpkin is all the rage, but let’s not forget about the apple okay?

3. Boots – Say goodbye to the trusty flip flop and say hello to the boot. My favorite boots are my cowboy boots that I bought years ago driving cross country in Cheyenne, Wyoming. They are the most comfortable shoe I own. (Next to my Tieks. I love them too, even though they are not boots.)

4. The colors of the leaves – Fall is magical here in New England. Every day it is an explosion of beautiful colors. Reds, yellows, golds, orange. Everyone should make the trip to see the leaves change in New England at least once in their lives. Take a drive on the backroads and just take it all in. Stop for lunch or a snack and it is my idea of the perfect day.

5. Football – Truth be told, I have a love/hate with football. From July until the Super Bowl, my world seems consumed by football. My sons play, my husband coaches, one is a HUGE Patriots fan, and college football holds a special place in Wes’s heart. My favorite time to watch football is on a chilly afternoon when we have nothing to do. I cook a nice, slow cooked dinner and we all hang out and watch the games. (I’m usually reading a book, but I feel like I’m participating just the same.) And if I’m getting really real – it’s all about the football food.

What is your favorite part about fall?

Bree Hester | Family Photographer | Cape Cod, MassachusettsBree Hester | Family Photographer | Cape Cod, MassachusettsBree Hester | Family Photographer | Cape Cod, MassachusettsBree Hester | Family Photographer | Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Bree Hester | Family Photographer | Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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