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10 Frames - Best of Summer

10 Frames – Best of Summer


Aug 22, 2018

10 Frames - Best of Summer

10 Frames – Best of Summer – My favorite images from summer. A mother/daughter trip to London. A family trip to Slovenia and Venice. And an extended trip to New Jersey and New York City. 

These 10 frames – best of summer are some of my favorites. I took hundreds and hundreds of pictures this summer, but these will remind me of the places we traveled to and some of the incredible things that we did.

If I had to sum up the summer of 2018, it was either all play or all work. I spent a lot of time in airports and living out of a suitcase. Ava and I went on a mother/daughter trip to London. I was there for a workshop, so I decided to bring her with me and have a Harry Potter-inspired weekend. We got home and unpacked our suitcase and repacked them for a family trip to Slovenia and Venice. I haven’t stopped talking about how amazing that trip was. I want to go back so badly. A few days after we returned from that trip, I went to the states for a few weeks to meet my new nephew and help my brother and sister-in-law. I am in love with my new nephew and miss him so much already.

When I was home, I was all in for work. This has been a very busy season for all of my photographers and it is keeping us all on our toes. Truthfully, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I like to be busy. I thrive and am more organized when I am busy. (My house might not be as clean as I would like, but I think that it is going to help to send the kids back to school on that front.)

The kids go back on Monday and I have mixed feelings about it. I love having them around and the freedom that we have in the summer. And I also love having some time to myself and the structure that a school year brings.

(Photo above, The Harry Potter Experience at Warner Bros Studios. They shared this on their Instagram page!)

10 Frames - Best of SummerCovent Garden, London10 Frames - Best of Summer Tower Bridge, London10 Frames - Best of Summer Bibione, Italy (This is NOT a fake sky. It really looked this gorgeous.)10 Frames - Best of Summer Tolmin Gorge, Slovenia10 Frames - Best of Summer The kitchen in our INCREDIBLE guest house10 Frames - Best of Summer Lake Bohinj, Slovenia10 Frames - Best of Summer Venice, Italy10 Frames - Best of SummerAnnapolis, Maryland10 Frames - Best of Summer The view from my room at The Standard in New York City. 

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